There are about 40 of us. We’re very relaxed and friendly, and our Monday rehearsals are informal and fun. We work on our vocal craft every week and learn many new songs, but the emphasis is always on enjoyment.

map of rehearsal locationWe meet in Denton, five minutes from the M60.

We sing in five parts: bass, tenor, alto, mezzo, soprano – which means we can tackle more interesting arrangements than the usual SATB choir. Each part is interesting to sing, and everyone gets the tune regularly, so there is a sensation of the “spotlight” illuminating each section in turn.

We aim to be an entertaining, performing group – we learn the songs by heart, and have a popular repertoire that audiences want to hear. We work to sing well, and have occasional external coaching to help us.

We’d like to sing for you! We can field a smaller group if the full complement of us would swamp your venue. Want to find out more? Contact us here, or have a look at what to expect from our concerts here.

Like to hear us? You’ll find some audio clips on our Audio page.

Interested in joining? Although we’re usually full, we are always interested in hearing from new singers. Please get in touch if you’re interested – come and have a sing with us, and if you like what we do, we’ll keep you posted about possible vacancies. Contact us here.



Dsc_03491-300x175The usual configuration for a mixed choir is four parts – sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. But the Monday Mondays specialise in being unusual!

This is because the modern pop and jazz songs in our repertoire often have more complex chords, and indeed rhythms – and more voices are needed to bring that off.

When a classical choir sings a cappella pop, they simply split each part into two, but we have just one extra part, which is mezzo-soprano.

This gives us our distinctive five-part harmony sound. But there’s one more thing that makes the Monday Mondays’ sound even more special.

Most contemporary a cappella groups often give the melody to one voice, while everyone else harmonises in the background. We have a very different approach – every section gets a turn with the tune, and you’ll often hear the tune moving between sections during the song.

It makes life much more interesting for the singers, and hopefully for the audience too!